GT cup 2019

GT cup is a sprint race format GT championship run by msvr and brute motorsport. Formed in 2007 the championship is aimed at single driver gt racing. The race week consists of 2×50 minute races,2×25 minute races,2×15 minute qualifying,2x 15 minute free practice sessions. The races are rolling starts with 3 classes to allow for a larger range of gt cars. After running cars in the championship in 2013 Reflex Racing is looking to support additional drivers in GT Cup in 2019.



2019 GT cup Calendar

Rounds Dates Venue
Rounds 1-4 13-14/4/19 Donington Park National
Rounds 5-8 29-12-13/5/19 Snetterton 300
Round 9-12 29-30/6/19 Silverstone National
Rounds 13-16 27-28/7/19 Snetterton 300
Rounds 17-20 17-18/8/19 Silverstone GP
Rounds 21-24 31/8/19-1/9/19 Brands Hatch GP
Round 25-28 21-22/9/19 Donington Park GP



In 2019 Reflex Racing GB can supper drivers wishing to compete in gt cup. For any more details please feel free to contact Derek or visit gt cup’s website: