Nurburgring 24 hours and VLN 2017

The Nurburgring, The Nordschleife, The Green Hell.

A toll road for petrol heads around euro to visit for most of the year but for a few special weekends a year it goes back in time to 16 miles of arguably the more most challenging and statifing racing circuit in the world.

The VLN series is the mainstay of the years racing on the Nordschleife. A mixture of 4 and 6 hour races, open to all types of cars from humble hatchback to full works GT cars.

Over the last half a decade Reflex Racing has done selective events at the Nurburgring and for 2017 we are looking to become a multi car entrant.

2017 VLN calendar


 Round  Date
vln 1  25.03.17
vln 2  08.04.17
n24 quali race  22.04.17
vln 3  24.06.17
vln 4  08.07.17
vln 5  19.08.17
vln 6  02.09.17
vln 7   23.09.17
vln 8   07.10.17
vln 9  21.10.17


The Nurburgring 24 hours 2017

The jewel in the season is the 24 hours, a challenge for drivers, team and machine over a day’s racing trying to beat 200 other cars to the line and glory, here at Reflex we are keen to expand our driver line up for 2017 edition of the race.

The weekend starts with free practice on Thursday 25th May

qualifying on Friday 26th May

and the race from Saturday 27th May.


for more information on vln or the 24 hour feel free to contract Derek