Ginetta winter series 2011

05 SEP 2011

The Ginetta GT Winter Cup will take place on the new Snetterton 300 circuit in November (5th -6th) and will feature two 2hr endurance races, plus a 30 minute qualifying session open to all current Ginetta models.

The 4 tier class system will be made up of G40s, G50s, G55s and an €˜all-comers€™ open class from Ginettas competing in GT racing across the globe.

Combining the Ginetta GT Supercup and Challenge grids for the first time, alongside other Ginetta GT racers from international championships and endurance series racing, the 2011 Ginetta GT Winter Cup €“ Ginetta€™s first one-make endurance race – will be open to either 1 or 2 driver teams and feature two mandatory timed pit stops. GT Winter Cup prizes are still to be announced.

Ginetta Chairmen – Lawrence Tomlinson said: This will be Ginetta€™s first one-make endurance race and a great opportunity to amalgamate the Supercup and Challenge grids creating the first Ginetta GT Endurance Championship. Ginetta Teams and drivers who have never done endurance racing will experience the mandatory pit stop, refuelling and driver changes common in GT endurance racing at all levels. It will be fantastic to see all of our championships and GT drivers/teams from GT4/GT3, and international series€™, together in the same paddock for the first time. We want to push the Ginetta GT career ladder further so endurance racing is an important step and something we may look to do more of in the future.

Also announced is a separate €˜Junior Winter Series€™ which will consist of four 20 min races plus a 15 minute qualifying session and will run alongside the GT Winter Cup on the same weekend. Previous winners include Josh Hill 2008, Aaron Williamson 2009 and Current Ginetta Juniors Championship point€™s leader Seb Morris in 2010.

Tomlinson went on to say:The Junior Winter Series is an excellent prospect for 14 €“ 17yr old drivers looking to get into motorsport for the first time, or step up from karting, to drive a race car at one of the UK€™s most prestigious circuits.

For older Juniors exiting the Ginetta Junior Championship this year, the senior GT Winter Series will be a great opportunity for anyone looking to progress their careers to try a bigger car alongside existing Supercup drivers, it will also offer a great entry point for licence holders looking to enter the GT Supercup Championship in 2012.


Reflex Racing GB has experience running cars in both juniors and endurance events. Reflex Racing also has the ability to support up 4 cars in the winter championships. For more details please feel free to talk to Derek.