Team Results

Reflex GB’s results


Season Drivers Best Placings
2002 One Championship Winner, 5 race wins
2003 Two 4th in Championship, 2 race wins
2004 Three + Celebrity Car 2nd in Championship, 8 race wins
2005 Three + Junior Car 6th in senior and 2nd in Junior Championship, 8 race wins
2006 Three + Junior Car + Celebrity Car 3rd in senior, 5th in Junior, 3 race wins
2007 Three Cup 9th in senior
2008 Two Cup + Two Club 3rd in Senior, 4 race wins
2009 Three Cup + Four Club 11th in Cup, 4 race wins in club


In 2010 Reflex Racing GB had a busy time running 4 Ginetta G20s in the Ginetta challenge, a G40 and a Ginetta G50 in selective Britcar and British GT rounds plus an Abarth 500 cup car in the Trofeo Abarth GB championship. At Donnington, the G40 piloted by David Mayes won all 3 races by an average of 10 seconds. The G50 claimed 2 class wins in BGT. The Abarth finished the season in 8th place overall.




Reflex Racing GB has run 4 G20s in Ginetta Challenge, an Abarth 500 cup car in the PTCT and a G50 in selective rounds of Britcar championship. In the Ginetta challenge, our number 16 car has won 5 out of the last 8 races bringing Dominic Petit up to 4th in the championship having missed the opening 2 weekends.


2xginetta g40 in ginetta gt5 challenge.



2013 way a busy year runing:

5xG40 in full/part campains in the gt5 challenge 3xG20s in full/part campains gt5 challenge, 1 car in selective rounds of the britcar championship, 2 cars in selective rounds of msvr gt cup, 1 car in selective rounds of the sro Dutch gt championship and 1 car in vln championship, 4th in the gt5 with 16 podiums.


1xg40 gt5 challenge, 1x ginetta g50 vln,1xginetta g50 European gt4 championship


2xg40 gt5 challenge, 2x g20 cscc, 1xg50 vln


3x ginetta g20s cscc modern classics, 1xginetta junior(selective rounds), 2x ginetta g40 gt5 challenge (1 win)


Selective Rounds in cscc modern classics, Ginetta gt5 Challenge and Britcar(2wins) most of the year spent developing the new Foreman p4-r


Selective rounds in cscc modern classics (g20), selective rounds in msv trackday championship(g20), fully season ginetta gt5 (g40s), 6 rounds britcar sprint (3rd in championship) (btcc Audi), continued development of the Foreman p4-r.